Susan Benton's Articles

Here are some of my published articles from Rider Magazine. Traveling all over the United States by mortorcycle provides plenty of opportunities for writing about adventures, trials and mishaps.

Rider Magazine

"Motorcycling has been my husband’s passion since he was a teenager in the 1960s. I began riding as a passenger about 10 years ago, never guessing I would take the trip we made in the summer of 2005. When our son, Adam, moved to Monroe, Washington, my husband, Mike, began reviving a decades-old dream of riding to the West Coast and back from Iowa. The birth of our first grandchild in May set the stage for another trip west, but one far different from previous visits." You can ride along at Best Washington Motorcycle Roads: Highway 20

"Although Iowa probably isn’t on your short list of places to ride, it has a prairie beauty all its own. If you really want to get away from it all, take a day ride through Iowa in the fall after the summer heat and oppressive humidity have subsided. You’ll enjoy a glimpse of harvest time and a peek at fall colors. And you’ll get a taste of what America must have looked like before cities crossed the country and compressed humanity into a world of steel and glass. Take a look at Iowa Motorcycle Rides: Discovering America’s Heartland.

Iowa Scenery

"A perfect day trip or weekend destination for riders from Chicago, Minneapolis, Madison and Des Moines is Dubuque, Iowa. The city is located on the Mississippi River, on the Iowa border with Illinois and Wisconsin, and not far from Minnesota. The Great River Road on either side of the “Muddy Mississippi” will take you there through lush green woods, past limestone bluffs, up steep ridges and down into the expansive valleys of the river." Great Motorcycle Roads: Iowa Byways

Water Mill

"Plenty of riders have sung the praises of the Blue Ridge Parkway. But I’m here to give you the straight story from the passenger’s point of view. You remember us; we’re the ones in the turbulence, with no handlebars to hang onto and no clear view of the road ahead." Read more of The Blue Ridge Parkway from the Backseat in Rider Magazine.

Sprint Car

"What landform is found only in a small part of Iowa and in China? If you answered, “Huh?” you need to ride the Loess Hills National Scenic Byway on Iowa’s western border. You will enjoy a peaceful ride through hills up to 200 feet high. Loess (pronounced luss) is fine-grained, loosely compacted silt laid down by the wind during the Ice Age. It can be found in many places, but in only two spots on earth to these heights." Iowa’s Unique Scenic Byway